Advanced Google AdWords


Advanced Google AdWords, by Brad Geddes, offers step-by-step AdWords help instructions and insights to get new users up and running quickly and teach AdWords pros some slick new tricks.

Advanced Google AdWords covers topics as retargeting, tracking for analytics, video ad features, ad extensions, and much more.

This AdWords help book is a great book that you will probably keep within reach while working on your campaigns, giving you a strong theoretical framework and practical guidelines to improve your results.


Advanced Google AdWords Features Include:

  • 600 pages.
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • Learn keyword research techniques.
  • Discover bid strategies for any budget.
  • Learn about landing page optimization.
  • Discover profit-per-impression testing.
  • Learn how to boost your quality score.
  • Understanding the search theory.
  • Discover the origins of Google AdWords.
  • Learn the best practices for applying search theory.
  • Understanding the buying funnel.
  • Discerning keyword match types.
  • Using negative keywords.
  • Advanced organizational techniques.
  • Taking control of your ad display.
  • Extracting valuable data from Google.
  • AdWords keyword tool.
  • Traffic estimator.
  • Google trends.
  • Google insights from search.
  • Microsoft advertising intelligence.
  • Best practices for using keyword tools.
  • Writing compelling ads.
  • Writing effective ads.
  • Landing pages that convert searches into buyers.
  • Everything about destination URLs.
  • Best practices fro landing pages.
  • Advanced optimization techniques.
  • Optimizing for traffic.
  • Optimizing for conversions.
  • Best practices for optimization techniques.
  • What is quality score.
  • Estimating your first page bids.
  • Using googles display ad builder.
  • Advanced geographic targeting.
  • Optimize your AdWords account with advanced techniques, tips, and insights.
  • Choose and organize keywords based on user intent and the buying funnel.
  • Control exactly when, where, and how your ads are displayed.
  • Write ads that connect with searchers to increase traffic and sales.
  • Learn the secrets that make the display network perform to your goals.
  • Master the testing of ads and landing pages to increase conversion rates.
  • Leverage powerful remarketing techniques to convert site visitors who abandoned their carts.
  • Delve into bidding strategies, including enhanced bidding, and find all the ways to make every keyword profitable.
  • Extract actionable information from the revamped AdWords Reports and get automated hints from Google on new opportunities.
  • Develop a schedule-friendly action plan to continuously optimize and expand your AdWords account.
  • Includes a Google AdWords coupon.
  • About the author: Brad Geddes has been managing successful PPC campaigns for more than a decade. He is the first and only AdWords Seminar Leader chosen by Google to teach advanced seminars to Google’s advertisers. He has advised top companies such as Amazon, Red Lobster, Encyclopedia Britannica, World Directories, and R.H. Donnelley.


Quick Specs:

Price: check for updated prices

Formats: paperback, Kindle

Edition: 2nd edition

Released: April 24, 2012

ISBN: 1118194500

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