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Google AdWords For Dummies 3rd edition, by Howie Jacobson, Joel McDonald, and Kristie McDonald, is a step by step guide that walks you through the newest tips, tricks, and techniques for maximizing your AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords For Dummies is divided into manageable chunks, showing what you need to consider before you start, how to structure your campaign and ad groups, tips for creating landing pages that grab visitors, advice on campaign management, and ways to maximize your results.


Google AdWords For Dummies Features Include:

  • 432 pages.
  • Boasts 85 percent updated or new content.
  • Topics such as experiments, ad extensions, feeds for ecommerce, mobile advertising, ad writing.
  • Incorporates changes to the AdWords interfaces.
  • Shares best practices in split testing, opt-in landing page structure, and ad group structure.
  • Reviews free tools included in AdWords.
  • Find out about the new and improved 3rd-party tools.
  • Learn how to set up your account.
  • Learn how to use the AdWords dashboard.
  • Learn how to plan your campaign.
  • Discover how to write magnetic ads.
  • Discover the AdWords direct-marketing approach to generate leads, make new sales, find out how to test your website and marketing efforts.
  • Explore the tools in the AdWords interface that help you analyze your campaign.
  • Learn how to determine what’s working best.
  • See what goes into a perfect landing page and how to please Google’s reviewers.
  • Discover how to boost your results by cloning your campaigns.
  • Find out The two types of online marketing.
  • Hints for reading the mind of your market.
  • Discover Why split testing pays off.
  • Learn How to measure your results.
  • Learn Tips on tracking conversions.
  • Find out Who may show up on your landing page.
  • Leanr Ways to make your ads more effective.
  • Find out the 10 common mistakes you can avoid.
  • How to Use the new free tools included in AdWords.
  • Working with the new interface and use Website Optimizer.
  • Discover how to Create ads and landing pages that captivate visitors.
  • Find out how to Manage your account with AdWords Editor.
  • About the authors:
    • Howie Jacobson is an internet marketing strategist who specializes in helping clients succeed with Google AdWords.
    • Joel McDonald is a Google AdWords consultant and conference speaker.
    • Kristie McDonald s a Google AdWords Certified Professional and a strategic marketing consultant.


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Formats: paperback, Kindle

Edition: 3rd edition

Released: December 6, 2011

ISBN: 1118115619

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