Tips to define digital marketing objectives

Digital marketing objectives are the specific results that you want to achieve in a defined period of time, using a series of duly specified tactics.

The definition of the digital marketing objectives is what will allow to know if the goals are being achieved or not.

Also, remember that digital marketing objectives must be aligned with the business objectives of the company.

Now, taking into account that the website is the center of the digital ecosystem of any brand, the objectives must start there. How? Being very clear about the purpose of creating the site and what you want to achieve for your brand through it.

What should digital marketing goals look like?

  • Specific.
  • Measurable
  • Achievable.
  • Realistic.
  • Defined in time.

A digital objective can be to sell, generate engagement, increase reach, increase impressions, among many others. But they must meet the conditions mentioned above.

What are the main goals of digital marketing?

  1. Capture: Get traffic / reach. That is, create content focused on the target you want to reach, to encourage visits. The actions that help achieve this objective are: SEO to obtain organic visits, offline campaigns linked to a landing page, referral traffic, email marketing and Display or Adwords campaigns.
  2. Activate: Get response or interaction from the digital audience. The actions that help to achieve this objective are: generating records, downloading a brochure, inviting a friend, and sharing information.
  3. Convert : Generate sales, transactions, records, downloads. That is, whatever the brand has determined as a key action that it wants to obtain from the audience.
  4. Build loyalty: It is much easier to retain customers than to convince a new prospect. The actions that help to achieve this objective are: encourage the recommendation of our product or service, develop special campaigns for the retention and reconversion of clients.

Marketing Tips for Restaurants: Strategy and Actions

The first question that any professional who wants to do restaurant marketing must ask themselves today is how am I going to publicize my restaurant? And then: what can I do to differentiate myself from my competition? First of all, you have to do an internal study about our establishment. And then apply some of these tips.

Generate a large customer portfolio thanks to the reservation data

One of the most untapped advantages of customer reservations is the database generated. All reservations, both by telephone and made through the website, must be collected together in the reservation book. And it is that a restaurant, apart from attracting customers, has to take care of everyone who has decided to go to it. How? Asking him for an assessment or feedback after having gone to the restaurant, offering him a promotion or discount, congratulating him on his birthday …

Customer satisfaction as a goal

It is very difficult to know the feelings of a customer who has come to your restaurant if you do not take them into account after their visit. If the customer is satisfied, they will recommend your business. If, on the other hand, the experience has not been to your liking, it will dissuade those close to you from attending. So that this does not happen, give the customer the opportunity to comment on your business . You will know if you are on the right track if the evaluation has been positive. If not, you will know the reason and you will be able to solve it and even, to encourage their return, offer them an invitation, discount or unique promotion.

Invite bloggers and influencers to see what your restaurant offers

Getting in touch with a blogger and inviting them to visit your restaurant costs very little and pays off great . The article they will write a posteriori will go viral among their followers (readers with an interest in discovering new restaurants).

But do not forget in the day to day to treat your clients as if they were bloggers because, in short, they can leave very positive comments that will position you above your competitors.

Website & basic SEO

It is absolutely necessary that the website be an experience for surfers. Make it simple so that users can see what they need without having to click too many times. Try to place the reservation form in view from the moment the web loads. It shows all the aspects that differentiate you from the competition: Food for celiacs, organic food, free WiFi, dog friendly, discounts …

The images on the web must be attractive to the public. Look for professional photographers: they will make your dishes irresistible to the public that visits your page.

Use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Places and Google + that will improve the organic positioning of your restaurant.

Integrate social networks in your restaurant

Don’t look for saturation, look for detail. Add social networks in the letter or on a card arranged on each table. Create hashtags for twitter and instagram and your customers will participate by adding comments or photos of your dishes.…