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SalesNexus offers web based sales CRM software giving  a 360 degree customer view helping you to capture leads, automate the response, and measure your performance.

SalesNexus gives you a fully featured email marketing service that includes tracking of opens and clicks, automated autoresponder campaigns, insightful analytics and the ability to easily manage lists and create emails.

SalesNexus CRM software lets you create sales automation by managing and creating automated processes that save you time and close sales.


SalesNexus Features Include:

  • Sales online CRM automation.
  • Online CRM collaboration.
  • Email marketing.
  • 360 degree customer view.
  • Contact management:
    • Import new lists and update existing contacts.
    • Manage contacts and accounts.
    • Share calendars, delegate follow ups.
    • Manage sales opportunities.
    • Attach documents.
  • Marketing automation:
    • Unlimited email blasts.
    • Email blast including attachments.
    • Multi-step auto responders – unlimited.
    • Opt-in/opt-out management built-in.
    • Track email opens and clicks.
    • Trigger alerts on email opens and clicks.
    • Web lead capture.
    • Direct mail automation/outsourcing.
    • Free access to 250 B2B contacts each month.
  • Sales automation:
    • 360 degree view of each customer.
    • Mail merge letters, proposals and contracts.
    • Multi-media and multi-user workflows and processes.
    • Easily customized analytics.
    • Unlimited custom fields and screens.
    • Assign ownership and permissions.
    • Automated email archival.
  • Set up and support:
    • Do it yourself set up guide included.
    • Weekly live training sessions included.
    • Unlimited same day phone, email and chat support.
    • Updates and enhancements automatic.
    • Inhouse, affordable set up consultation available.
  • Reporting wizards.
  • Step-by-step processes.
  • Pre-designed templates.
  • Export reports to Excel.
  • Online live demo.
  • 100% money-back ROI guarantee.
  • Unlimited same day phone, email and chat support.


Quick Specs:

Price: $55/$65/$75 per month (30 day free trial)

Requirements: online

Version: n/a

Company: SalesNexus LLC.

Category: internet marketing tools & software – CRM Software 

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