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WordWatch cloud-based PPC management software and AdWords tool monitors, analyzes and optimizes bids for every keyword and product targets automatically, using advanced algorithms. This leads to a better performance of PPC campaigns: delivering maximum ROI simply & affordably.

WordWatch works 24/7 to make sure you are not overpaying, while you can focus on your business, the sophisticated algorithms manage your bids, bringing you more clicks or conversions at a lower price. WordWatch has a very simple and intuitive interface and you can deploy WordWatch in just a few minutes and actually you don’t need a vast PPC experience to use it.


WordWatch Features Include:

  • 1 up to 50 AdWords accounts.
  • 5 up to unlimited campaigns.
  • Unlimited keywords.
  • 1 up to 10 product feeds.
  • 1,000 up to 50,000 products.
  • My Client Center (MCC) access.
  • Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel, at anytime.
  • Looks at your keywords to identify strong converters.
  • Slowly increases CPC bids, day by day, and analyzes the results.
  • Reduce spend on non-performing keywords.
  • Optimize keyword bidding.
  • Automatic bid management.
  • Optimizes on Quality Score.
  • Find inefficiencies in budget allocation and gradually reduce costs to the minimum required.
  • Connect to Google to pull down your performance results, analyze the best bid prices, and adjust your campaigns accordingly.
  • Analyzes your keyword data daily.
  • Combat rising keyword prices.
  • Works within the budget you have assigned.
  • Conversion Maximizer.
  • WordWatch training video.
  • Online demo.
  • Online and toll-free telephone support.


Quick Specs:

Price: $49-$399 per month (first month free)

Requirements: online

Version: n/a

Company: WordWatch Inc.

Category: internet marketing tools & software – PPC Management Software

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