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iQR Codes offers a QR code generator that lets you create fully customizable QR codes for your marketing efforts and promotional material. iQR Codes comes packed full of features to help you create a truly authentic and original QR code and lets you add your company logo, control the QR code output resolution, and Transparency support plus a load more features!

If you’re looking for an easy to use full featured QR code generator that’s not going to hurt your pocket then iQR Codes may be what you’re looking for.


iQR Codes Features Include:

  • Easy to use QR code generator interface.
  • Generate classic and customized QR codes.
  • Customize the look of QR code.
  • Create branded and custom QR codes.
  • Add your company logo.
  • Create multiple custom QR codes.
  • Drag-and-drop your image.
  • Control the QR code output resolution.
  • Ensure readability by highlighting control points.
  • Enhance error level of QR code.
  • Shorten web link URL inside application (,,
  • Copy QR code to clipboard.
  • Save your entire projects as a document.
  • Enhanced graphics for retina displays.
  • Social networks link generator.
  • Transparency support.
  • Use a coloured QR code image.
  • Dynamic control.
  • Real-time editing.
  • Supports all common formats.
  • Export options:
    • Vector format SVG.
    • Bitmap format as PNG.
    • JPEG.
    • GIF.
    • TIFF.
    • BMP.
  • Print QR code (PDF).
  • High resolution output image (up to 4,000 px).
  • Batch processing generator.
  • Online user gallery.
  • Online video tutorials.
  • Email and live chat customer support.


Quick Specs:

Price: $9.99

Requirements: Mac OS X (Windows version coming soon)

Version: 1.7

Company: Marek Hrusovsky

Category: internet marketing tools & software – QR Code Generator

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