Qfuse QR code generator lets you create and manage 10s, 100s, or even 1,000s of dynamic QR codes, Qfuse also gives you the tools needed to build functional and smartphone-friendly mobile sites helping you to fully engage your visitors.

Qfuse QR code generator comes with robust analytics and tracking that lets you track and scan geographic location, device type, and more – plus access traffic reports and engagement metrics for your mobile site.


Qfuse Features Include:

  • 100 to unlimited number of monthly scans/taps/visits.
  • 1 to unlimited number of mobile sites.
  • 1 to unlimited number of pages per mobile site.
  • Simple QR code generator interface.
  • Custom URL available.
  • QR code, NFC URL, and short URL.
  • High-res Vector files for QR codes.
  • External URL/mobile site toggle.
  • Dynamic control.
  • Basic QR code and NFC tracking.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • 3rd-party tracking capabilities.
  • 1-click PDF reports.
  • Advanced mobile site analytics.
  • Advanced QR and NFC reporting.
  • Branding and design:
    • Header logo and colors.
    • Selectable site designs.
    • Enhanced design customization.
    • Custom inline CSS.
    • Custom footer.
    • Premium design templates.
    • Custom template development.
  • Content and page elements:
    • Add images and video.
    • Numerous content options.
    • Social media icons.
    • Social media feeds.
    • Mapping features.
    • Click-to-call, SMS, and email buttons.
    • Contact/lead capture form.
    • PayPal: donate now button.
    • VCard (add to mobile contacts).
    • Local listing/review.
    • Enhanced WYSIWYG content-editing.
    • Modify contact form fields.
    • RSS import (e.g. external blog).
    • Add your own JavaScript.
    • IFrame (pull in external site content).
    • Ecommerce: PayPal buy now buttons.
    • Page-level header customization.
    • Reposition site navigation.
    • Private password-protected sites.
  • Partner and enterprise features:
    • Secure pages.
    • Coupon/specials manager.
    • QR code expiration dates.
    • 3rd-party widget integration: CRM systems like Salesforce.
    • Private label.
    • Advanced API.
  • Email and telephone customer support.


Quick Specs:

Price: free/$12/$50+ per month

Requirements: online

Version: n/a

Company: Quick Fuse Media, LLC

Category: internet marketing tools & software – QR Code Generator

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