QRHacker offers a QR code generator that allows you to create highly customized QR codes with ease. QRHacker comes with options like draw pixel-by-pixel, set the roundness of the codes pixels, and add background images sets this above the average QR code generator.

QRHacker even checks the validity of your code online and lets you save and export your QR code in PDF or PNG format and the analytics and QR code tracking make monitoring your campaigns a breeze.


QRHacker Features Include:

  • Design unique QR codes.
  • Simple easy to use QR code generator.
  • Hi-res QR code and vector output.
  • Fully customizable QR codes.
  • Measure scans.
  • Access analytics.
  • Re-use in different commercial materials.
  • Dynamic QR content.
  • Detailed real-time statistics.
  • Adjust background/foreground colors.
  • Store your custom QR codes.
  • Add photos to background and foreground.
  • Add your company logo.
  • Set pixel roundness.
  • Draw QR code pixel-by-pixel.
  • Save QR codes as .PNG.
  • Access public gallery.
  • Statistics include:
    • Number of QR code scans.
    • Number of unique scans.
    • Location of the individuals who scanned it.
    • Mobile OS platforms by scans.
    • Analytics within a given custom time period.
  • Online demo.
  • Email customer support.


Quick Specs:

Price: free/$4.90/$8.25 per month

Requirements: online

Version: n/a

Company: Carnation Group

Category: internet marketing tools & software – QR Code Generator

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