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Like Me I’m Famous gives you all of the social media monitoring tools to help you with your brand reputation monitoring for Facebook pages.

Like Me I’m Famous gives you access to all Facebook public pages, posts and comments talking about the topics you decide to monitor. With Like Me I’m Famous you can also create your own leaderboards and get your hands on advanced comparative analysis and charts helping you to identify which practices do work and which ones do not.

Apart from monitoring your own brand Like Me I’m Famous lets you spy on your competitors to see what they are up to on Facebook which will help give you that competitive edge and will ensure you never miss what your competitors are doing.

Like Me I’m Famous offers a FREE plan as well as a 14 day trial on all pricing plans so why not give Like Me I’m Famous a try and take your Facebook social media monitoring to the next level!


Like Me I’m Famous Features Include:

  • Monitor and analyze uses, performances and reputation.
  • 5 to unlimited number of monitored pages.
  • 2 unlimited number of leaderboards.
  • Detailed insights and charts for millions of pages.
  • Competitors’ pages insights.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Data export.
  • Custom period of time.
  • Get all your competitors’ relevant KPIs.
  • F-reputation monitoring (reputation on Facebook).
  • Compare pages based on the same metrics.
  • Display leaderboards’ average and cumulative lines.
  • Compare leaderboards’ average and cumulative lines.
  • Search posts/comments published on Facebook pages containing any keywords.
  • Evaluate your reputation on Facebook.
  • Advanced charts and insights.
  • Follow the evolution of what is said on a particular topic.
  • Export all data in a CSV file for deeper analysis.
  • Learn what your competitors try and launch on Facebook.
  • Follow competitors daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly trends and metrics.
  • Identify competitors most active users, most engaging posts.
  • Insights about any pages:
    • Fans and people talking about count evolutions.
    • Engagement rate.
    • Nb of interactions (posts, comments, likes, shares).
    • Posting habits and performances.
    • Most engaging posts and type of posts.
    • Key influencers.
    • Daily, weekly, monthly, or even on custom period of time.
    • And much more!.
  • Generate full reports with exec summary, comparative tables, etc.
  • Export your charts.
  • Export your f-reputation data for further analysis.
  • Email, phone customer support.


Quick Specs:

Price: free/€200/€400 (14 day free trial)

Requirements: online

Version: n/a


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